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With Season Lost Could Andrew Bailey Be Arlington Bound?

July 16, 2011


Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News today had an interesting blog post titled “A’s Andrew Bailey among Rangers potential targets”. From the article he writes,

“According to two sources, the Rangers are among those teams and the A’s have at least started looking more in-depth at the Rangers farm system. According to [Ken] Rosenthal [of FoxSports who previously tweeted about the A’s hearing from teams about acquiring Bailey], the A’s feeling is they’d have to be “overwhelmed” in order to move Bailey. In the parlance of the trade deadline market, that essentially means he’s available…

…Rangers GM Jon Daniels does not comment on specific players, but he acknowledged the club has no fear of trading within its own division. The Cliff Lee deal last year, speaks for itself. The Rangers also had serious talks with the Los Angeles Angels in 2007 about Mark Teixeira, who like Bailey and [Brandon] League, would have been controllable for at least one full season after the trade.

‘If a trade is in the best interests of the Rangers, we don’t have a problem trading within the division,’ Daniels said.”

The Rangers farm system has a lot of gems, and the Rangers are a team in a position to overpay – granted one would have to assume the fact that Bailey, the 2009 American League Rookie of the Year, would be under team control well beyond just this season and also that it is within the division would prompt Billy Beane to ask for even more than he might normally ask for a closer of his caliber.

While trading within the division is full of potential pitfalls, I agree with Daniels’ assessment for Billy Beane, if the trade is in the best interests of the Athletics we too shouldn’t have a problem trading within the division. I love Andrew Bailey but there is no need for the A’s to have a top flight closer when they aren’t in contention. Furthermore with how most organizations overvalue closers he is one of Oakland’s more valuable trade pieces and if a team is willing to overlook his sketchy injury history I say all the more reason to trade him.

If the A’s were to trade with the Rangers, is there a way we could potentially get Chris Davis who lacks a home back? That would be a deal I’d make in a heartbeat. Bailey is a two-time All-Star, former ROY, while the 25 year old Davis who has shuttled back and forth between Texas and Oklahoma City (and now Round Rock) has the power Oakland so desperately needs and which Texas has no space for. While benefiting from an out of this world .422 BABIP in Round Rock this year, Davis is hitting .369/.413/.828 with 20 home runs in his 39 games with the Express. In his time with the Rangers in 2011, he has hit a solid (and for the A’s offense an incredible) .269/.333/.481 with three home runs in 21 games. Davis who has split his time between first and third base would instantly give the A’s a legitimate bat at either position, something they presently lack (though Scott Sizemore could stick at third base due to the emergence of Jemile Weeks and his thus far consistent high OBP bat at the hot corner).

If we could do Bailey for Davis, I’d be all ears.

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  1. July 16, 2011 6:57 pm

    Chris Davis is a Dan Johnson / Graham Koonce type of AAAA player. No thanks. I want legit prospects for Bailey.

    • July 16, 2011 7:03 pm

      I can see that, I guess I have viewed him more as a Jayson Werth type talent though admittedly he doesn’t walk as much. Also, I like the fact that he fits an immediate hole for the A’s. I’d want MLB-ready talent in return for Bailey we can compete with this pitching staff and league average hitting and that window is fast closing.

  2. July 16, 2011 10:04 pm

    Really, Chris Davis isn’t all that different from Scott Sizemore, and all it took to get him was was a mediocre long reliever type. Bailey is an elite reliever with a great contract, and ought to be worth a great prospect or two.

    • July 16, 2011 10:54 pm

      Interesting, I didn’t think Davis was being viewed as that useless. I’m not advocating trading Bailey for the sake of trading Bailey. I just see closers as having no value for a team out of contention but a lot of value to teams that are in contention in need of backend help. To me that means you trade for the future. But given the A’s unique situation of being a team that should’ve contended this year, but didn’t and should be contending in the next few years with their great pitching I’d want to get MLB ready or a player with some MLB experience back.

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