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Kouzmanoff is a 1992 Mercury Sable

April 28, 2011

I have complained a lot about Kevin Kouzmanoff this year. In fact in the short history of The Todd Van Poppel Rookie Card Retirement Plan Kouzmanoff leads in terms of posts with 67 (next highest player is the player I fawn over Daric Barton at a mere 51 posts) and most of what has been written has been less than complimentary.

I like Kevin Kouzmanoff as a person, I really think he is great. I like how he plays catch with the kids, and all these things he does. I used to live in Buffalo and it was when Kouzmanoff played with the Bisons and I enjoyed watching him then. But he just isn’t very good. In a very good podcast at Athletics After Dark featuring Rick Tittle, this is what Rick had to say about Kouzmanoff,

“I was using the metaphor of like when you have a car, and you know you can’t get anything for it you just drive it into the ground and get as much as you can out of it. And I think maybe that’s what they’re doing with Kouz, because he is pretty much untradable and they don’t want to DFA him, they really have no one to replace him at this point that they love. I know that  I saw Rosales – you and I togehter we were standing on the field saw Adam Rosales taking groundballs at third we know that Conor Jackson was taking groundballs at third. But I just think the thing with Kouz now is that, in the offseason they tried to get rid of him and he responded with a spring where he hit over .400. I think you’re right though the Steve Sax disease, the Chuck Knoblauch disease, maybe that is in his head right now because these are just routine groudballs he boots and when he does stab them  he can’t throw across the diamond. I’m sick of hearing about how good he was in San Diego, that was years ago, I want to know how good he is right now. And unfortunately, he’s been the scapegoat for a team that can’t hit and is playing terrible defense. You can point to Mark Ellis, you can point to a lot of guys, who have been atrocious so far this year but Kouz is like the poster kid right now.”

Not exactly a stirring recommendation. But its interesting when earlier today I commented in an earlier post that I would DFA Kouzmanoff, yet others say it is off the table. My question is why?

What value does Kouzmanoff bring to the team right now? Currently his WAR is 0.0. A WAR of 0.0 means he is no better than a replacement player. Steve Tolleson is a replacement player. Eric Sogard is a replacement player. Even Adrian Cardenas is a replacement player. It is time. There is no point running Kouz into the ground, because he is running the team into the ground.

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