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Live Blogging: A’s @ Giants ST Game 32

March 28, 2011

9:29PM PDT: Wow. What a play by Pablo Sandoval. His offseason workout regime is paying dividends. Sandoval goes way behind third over by the bullpen mounds to get out Hideki Matsui and end the game. The look on Matsui’s face showed he was impressed by the play too. Giants win 4-3.

9:19PM PDT: Can’t say I am terribly impressed with Brian Fuentes right now. I really don’t think it is a good idea having him in the closer role. He is a LOOGY, not a closer.

8:53PM PDT: Santiago Casilla is now in pitching for the Giants. If Brian Wilson starts the year on the disabled list (which looks likely) I would be scared out of my mind relying on Casilla to close out games. You want torture? You got it right there. Casilla or Jairo Garcia, or whatever he decides to go by is someone who’d keep me up at night. As an aside, Casilla is from the Dominican Republic, how do you manage to get a visa to come to America if you’re caught lying about your name?

8:42PM PDT: Steve Edlefsen takes the hill. This guys motion is terrible looking. But I imagine the way he sort of flings it out is really tough on right-handed hitters. No minor-league splits to prove this theory. But just looks like it’d make a righty very uncomfortable in the batters box.

8:40PM PDT: Kurt Suzuki draws the walk and now Cain walks back to the dugout as Bruce Bochy pulls him. Gotta give Cain credit, a six K outing is nothing to scoff at. He is a very good and very underrated pitcher.

8:32PM PDT: Aubrey Huff just creamed that pitch from Anderson out of the stadium (but not into the bay). He knew it – spent a bit more time watching it that he should have.

8:25PM PDT: Good hitting from Daric Barton. He took a few pitches, but then really got into one when he could drive it and it plates two to tie it up. Good stuff.

8:22PM PDT: Fans at AT&T Park are really getting on Brett Anderson for not swinging. Meanwhile Matt Cain gets two balls. Throw it over!

8:14PM PDT: They’re interviewing Eric Byrnes on the broadcast. Byrnes was such a fun player to watch how he played with such reckless abandon. But what was interesting is he said that Bob Geren was the best manager he ever played for. Interesting. It had to have been back when Geren managed in Sacramento.

8:12PM PDT: During the “This broadcast is the property of the San Francisco Giants” or whatever it is that they say, they showed a “World Series Trophy”. That thing looked so terribly fake. CSNBayArea couldn’t borrow the real trophy for all of 30 seconds of filming? The Giants dragged it all the way out to New York City but can’t lend it to the broadcast team?

8:04PM PDT: Burrell double scores two. 3-1 Gigantes.

7:44PM PDT: Yup, there we go. Anderson “strikes out” (when you aren’t trying does it really count?).

7:43PM PDT: Cliff Pennington fists it into left. Just dropped in perfectly to score the run and tie it 1-1. The Giants wouldn’t let the A’s use a DH (such a stupid rule for these Cactus League games) so I assume Cain will just need to get it over as Anderson won’t even swing, so this basically means inning over.

7:30PM PDT: Four pitch walk to Pat Burrell. Brett Anderson doesn’t look settled in just yet.

7:26PM PDT: Ugly misplay by Josh Willingham in left. Completely misjudged the ball, no Arizona “high sky” to blame there. But it is good to see him really hoofing it in left as he missed a game when he was HBP in his foot against Colorado Saturday and he himself thought he had broken the foot.

7:18PM PDT: Matt Cain (a.k.a. Charlie Brown) is an interesting pitcher. Really flies under the radar with Tim Lincecum a top the rotation across the bay. He is very noteworthy as is the rest of the Giants rotation for their low HR/FB rates.

7:17PM PDT: A real life Major League Baseball stadium feels a lot more like real baseball than did the Cactus League. Opening Day is soon!

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